UMH is known as an investment firm in Health Technologies, Collaborative Research, Clinical Trials, and Product Development

umh Investment for development and commercialization of New Medical Devices and Diagnostic Technologies

UMH matches health technology innovators with strategic partners to rapidly advance new and innovative technologies through collaborative research, clinical studies, technology licensing, and out-licensing. UMH can provide project funding to bring your products to the healthcare market. UMH strategic partners are seeking new technologies to bring to the Chinese market, and ARE EXPERTS in aggressively protecting your intellectual property.   Remember- UMH and our Strategic Partners are looking for long-term relationships, and are YOUR partners with a vested interest.

Clinical trials, collaborative research

UMH has many partners that can help advance your research and assist your company with clinical validation and clinical trials.  Our partners are always interested in medical advancements and also can provide funding or investment for your research.

Clinical exchange and advisory services

Through a unique network of partnerships, our end-to-end advisory services provide the expertise, clinical exchange, and education. UMH provides technology sourcing, knowledge transfer, hospital administrative and clinical management services to develop, commission, and operate hospital facilities.

UMH coordinates the training of staff of foreign hospitals with The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. UMH offers a Clinical Exchange Program that provides physicians the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain experience in a variety of clinical programs. The program is designed for the fully-trained physician who has a scholarly and intellectual interest in the state-of-the-art techniques and innovations available in Houston and the Texas Medical Center.