As in all things China, relationships are key.

UMH enjoys a premier network of strategic partners, consultants and advisors whom are the leaders in the Chinese medical community. 

UMH has a long history and strong personal relationships with the leading officials in the China Ministry of Health, China Food and Drug Administration, and the the premier institutions in the medical community in the PRC. 

A sampling of your matching partners include:

UMH clients enjoy the expedited services in licensing,  compliance, research, and clinical trials in China.

  UMH is currently working with the 301 Hospital in Hainan to open a "Health Tourism Resort"

UMH is currently working with the 301 Hospital in Hainan to open a "Health Tourism Resort"

The UMH/301 Hospital Partnership-

Clinical exchange, Collaborative Research, Clinical trials

PLA General Hospital aka 301 Hospital

Clinical exchange, Collaborative Research, Clinical trials-
UMH has a long history with the premier hospital in China. As China's premier trauma surgeon, Dr. "Andy" Zhao also was the teaching physician, surgeon, and researcher.

The PLA 301 General Hospital in Beijing has been China's leading hospital, and research facility for over 45 years. It has 125 clinical, medical, and technological departments. Featuring over 4,000 patient beds, and an annual volume of over 3.8 million outpatient visits, and with over 110,000 admissions, and performing more than 65,000 surgical operations.

The 301 Hospital is China's largest and premier healthcare facility and our leader, Dr. Zhao is a prominent figure.

 Click above to see the 301 Hospital's currently listed Clinical Trials in Registry   

Click above to see the 301 Hospital's currently listed Clinical Trials in Registry



The UMH/SINOPHARM Partnership-

SinoPharm has recently commissioned UMH to source New Technologies with CE and/or US FDA approvals for exclusive marketing and distribution to bring to the Chinese marketplace

Collaborative Research, Out-Licensing, Product Development, Investments, Medical Devices, Market Distribution

 SinoPharm International

SinoPharm International

SinoPharm International &

SinoPharm group Med-Tech Co., LTD

UMH has prominent partners for taking your medical devices and technologies is China. 

China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm).
SinoPharm is the largest medical and healthcare group in China.  Sinopharm has 11 wholly-owned or share-holding subsidiaries and 6 listed companies, covering every aspect of medical and healthcare industry. 

  • In 2014, the total sales revenue of Sinopharm reached over 39 billion U.S. dollars. It is the only pharmaceutical group in China that is listed in the “Fortune Global 500”.
  • In terms of production volume, Sinopharm ranks No.4 in the world for its biological products.
  • In circulation sector, Sinopharm has a medical distribution network system of 30 distribution centers up to international standards and nearly 2,000 retail outlets to cover 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China.
  • As a leading provider of supply chain services, it is the biggest retailer of medicine, healthcare products and medical equipment.
  • In engineering design sector, the engineering design institutes of Sinopharm enjoy a high reputation and create a great influence in China.
  • They have edited and compiled more than 10 national standards of the industry and completed more than 400 pharmaceutical engineering designs. Sinopharm tops the list in China’s pharmaceutical project design.

The UMH/CR PHARMA Partnership-

CR Pharmaceutical has engaged umh global to source new technologies for investment and introduction in the the china market.  please contact umh global about your technologies for immediate consideration.

Collaborative Research, Out-Licensing, Product Development, Investments, Medical Devices, Market Distribution

China Resources Holdings Co., Ltd

CR Pharmaceutical


China Resources, parent company of CR Pharmaceutical, operates in seven major sectors, namely the consumables (retail, brewery, food and drinks), power supply, real estate, cement, gas, medicine and finance.  As one of the Global 500 in the world, China Resources was ranked the 143th of the Global 500 by Fortune in 2014.

CR Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China, registered in Beijing, and engaged in the whole drug industrial chain including R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. 

Research & Development highlights include:

  • The state authorized pharmaceutical R&D base for birth control and genital health
  • National high-tech R&D base for biological virus vector in gene therapy
  • cGMP -compliant new drug ANDA Research Lab and cGMP -compliant scale up R&D center Co-developed ORMO platform with Frontage Laboratories Inc.
  • Hold over 1000 Patents, including 236 patents of invention and 18 patents granted by international organizations
  • Leading new formulation and release technology in China
  • World leading Phosphoramidites R&D, top pharmaceutical Phosphoramidites intermediate supplier in the US market

CR Pharma's manufacturing division has:

  • 26 manufacturing campuses in China, nearly 200 GMP-compliant production lines, for oral solid dosage, oral liquid dosage, large infusion bags, powder vials, injections, topical preparations and etc.
  • China Resources Gosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the first manufacturer in China that passes European cGMP in both Cefradine sterile preparations and Sterile APIs
  • CR Saike passed European cGMP in 2008 and FDA cGMP in 2009
  • China Resource Beijing Industry Park occupies 640 arcs that is built to be the Global innovative R&D platform and high-end manufacturing base for future development, designed by the world class firm: HDR, meeting the global quality standard, and it is also a platform for international partnering focusing on innovation, incubation, pilot plant testing, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics

CR Pharma distribution network highlights:

  • CR Pharma is the second largest distributor in the Chinese pharmaceutical market for sales and distribution.
  • UMH will get your technologies, products, and services for our clients. This includes manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitals.
  • Our services including marketing & sales, distribution, logistics, academic seminars, and supply chain value added services.
  • Currently, we have built long term business relationships with over 8000 manufacturer, with a distribution network covering 29 provinces.
  • CR Pharma supplies over 46,000 different drugs, medical equipment, and health products to hospitals, community clinics and pharmacy stores.